Drupal and WordPress Recovery Kit

Drupal and WordPress Website 500/400/WSOD Recovery Services


You ought to have received an email from Recovery-Kit / BCSWebstudio. Please do not send payment until we have established contact and agreed to work on your project!

Payments can be sent electronically via Venmo or PayPal at this time using the links below. If you have other suitable, preferred methods of payment, please first confirm with us on our welcome email thread.

An upfront retainer of $250 USD ensures that your website will be back online and serving customers (and google!) in whatever least-effort makes the most sense: This typically means that some outdated plugins or themes which cannot be easily updated (via normal marketplace means or by minimal, custom modification) may be removed/disabled in order to get your website running again. If a disabled plugin or theme is critical to your business, you may be offered an opportunity to engage us in hourly increments at $150/hr. If a given plugin or theme can and needs to be purchased, we will ask whether you have the license or will reimburse Recovery-Kit for its purchase on your behalf.

If your website cannot for whatever reason be readily restored to some working condition, you will receive a complete refund (minus applicable transaction fees).

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