Drupal and WordPress Recovery Kit

Drupal and WordPress Website 500/400/WSOD Recovery Services

New Customer Intake Form

Thank you for entrusting us to help you get your website back online! Please fill out this simple intake form to get started right away. Upon receipt of your contact information and details on how to access your server, Recovery-Kit will confirm with you either with questions or with an invoice to get started!

The invoice for the upfront retainer of $250 USD ensures that your website will be back online and serving customers (and google!) in whatever least-effort makes the most sense: This typically means that some outdated plugins or themes which cannot be easily updated (via normal marketplace means or by minimal, custom modification) may be removed/disabled in order to get your website running again. If a disabled plugin or theme is critical to your business, you may be offered an opportunity to engage us in hourly increments at $150/hr to continue recovering your website’s full functionality. If a given plugin or theme can be purchased, we will ask whether you already have the license or will reimburse Recovery-Kit for its purchase and install it on your behalf.

Ready to begin? Let’s go!

Please describe the issue(s) you're facing in as much or little detail as you like.

Where are you hosting your website? If it is GoDaddy, is it the Managed WordPress Basic or Managed WordPress Deluxe plan? If it is any GoDaddy hosting, it may suffice to invite us with Delegate Access (see GoDaddy docs on this).

To provide Delegate Account access, please send the invitation to bronius@bcswebstudio.com (Bronius Motekaitis, Customer #: 592154665).

To instead provide GoDaddy or other host login, please enter it below under Secure Login Credentials.
Enter all the hosting information required to access your website. Example, if it is GoDaddy, you should include your GoDaddy Username (or Account ID) and Password.

It may be helpful to include your WordPress username/password but is not likely required.

Note: Some logins will require TFA (two-factor authentication) like a 6-digit one-time passcode. We haven't got a great way to overcome this at this time.
(Venmo @bcswebstudio) or (PayPal @bronius)

$250 deposit is required to get started. In most cases, this is everything, start to finish. If you want more, be prepared to engage in hourly increments at $150/hr. If for whatever reason reasonable progress cannot be made within our initial engagement, your deposit will be refunded 100% (minus transaction fees).

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